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Floral Prints of Spring’17.

This Spring is going to be full of colors. Let's talk about spring trends and how we can use it in our daily life.

Floral garden

We already saw many floral prints in the last few years but this time the designers want us be more romantic and feminine.

Are you ready to see tones of small flowers around you? Like the art floral artwork with the floral canvas or brocade prints.


Of course there are many different ways to add this trend into your life. You can start with the dresses in nude background color and the simple cut, which can be a very nice option for daily routine or coffee break with colleges.

Remember, nude light palette always looks fresh, neutral and feminine Feel free to add any of the basic accessories, just try to keep the same tone and stay with the same style.

Flower Print Dress
Flower Print Dress

Don't limit your look to just a dress, mix your outfit with the floral skirt, culottes, or with the blouse.

Print skirt
Print Shirt

Spring is a time for the light bright outwear, so floral jackets or coats also can be "Yes" for you.

Flower Print Coat

Greenery Print
Flower Print

For some fashionistas who are still in love with the pajama suit, don’t worry! This trend is jumping into this season from last year and becoming more colorful and floral. To make it more glamorous go with the high heels or with the crop-top inside.

Flower Prints
Flower Prints

Find your our passion and follow your favorite color palette.

Floral Print

Floral Print
Floral Print

All pictures borrowed from Pinterest

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