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Rainy Day today?

We love our Mother Nature but sometimes she can have her bad days too... Like today! So what is the best way to look fabulous and stylish and keep your toes dry?

Rainy outfit

Rain Boots

Many brands already gave the "second" and even the "third" life to this trend, but I'm 100% sure there is still many fashionistas who doesn't have it in their collections. Actually there is many ways to make your outfit more creative and stylish with the rain boots...

Rainy outfit
Rainy outfit

Basically rain shoes can go with everything you like: dress, tight pant or jeans, shorts and even jumpsuits. Even can be matched with different colors of tights or long socks.

Rain boots
rain boots

Fashion Tips: Remember the length of boots should be chosen according to your body proportions. Same rule for skirts, dresses and shorts.

Rainy outfit
Rain outfits

Rain Coat

The other way to be stylish under the rain is a coat which would be perfect choice for those who don't like walking around with umbrellas.

Rain coats

You have a whole range of rain coats in different materials and colors given to you by different designers, choose one that suits you and be in trend.

Rain coat
Rain coat


Sometimes we completely forget about details in our outfit, but it can upgrade your look to more creative or stylish.

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