• Victoria Claire

Yellow Obsession

Observing past Fashion Weeks and top colors of this season, it is save to say, that Pantone chose "Primrose Yellow"as the IT color of 2017.

Personally I prefer Full-On Yellow look with bright blue coat and shoes to compliment. Surely we all want to seam taller and slender, here we can use verticals technique in color tones or in clothes, such as throwing on over coat with longer hem the chosen dress or skirt.

Yellow is the color of the sun, happiness and cheerfulness. One detail can be enough to complete your look with love and warmth. You can go for sweater, bag or shoes. If you still have doubts about this color you can try and play around with different tones of yellow until you find your right one. Try warm or cold yellow as such as Lemonade or Sunshine.

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