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"Le Chic" in Fashion World

I always have been in love with Paris. Few years ago I had a chance to visit Paris and study history of fashion and famous French designers. Every year they inspire us become close to fashion world. If you look at the Parisians they always look very stylish with the touch of chic. I would say Parisienne "Le Chic".

You probably know about the latest publication about Parisienne women and why we are all so in love with them. At the same time, who has been in Paris knows that comfort is one of the most important things for the French women. We all remember Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex & the City", when she moved to Paris and her 'total French' look. The true is "Le Chic" always comes with combination of style, fashion and attitude. Something very invisible and light.

Who is the real French woman and how to be "Le Chic" every day?

The real French woman is not a "fashion victim". Even she always follows trends, she will never tell you this :-) Her wardrobe will be based on something simple and must-have items of good quality and definitely of 100% natural fabrics. They are very particular and usually don't like to play with too much color. The choice would be monochromatic - black, grey, white...big scarf, vintage bag and nice shoes. Just a nice relaxed look without much effort, no standing in front of the mirror for two hours and deciding what to wear. It looks like French women were born with style.

Also I am a fan of French chic and my roots came from the hair & beauty salon Catherine de France, the heart of "Le Chic" lifestyle in Beijing.

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