• Victoria Claire

Rooftop bar outfit ideas

The feeling of staying outside gets stronger what means that the golden time of rooftops and terrace bars finally is finally here.

I want to show you some of my outfits and give you some new ideas how to look bold and fresh on Rooftops Parties of this season.

Underwear as outerwear is the way to up the ante of your simple white T-shirt. Don't let the name scare you, this trend can be totally accessible to anyone. I like my outfit for the afternoon Rooftop terrace chill with friends... very relaxing and fresh.

For the first warm nights I go for a "total black". Culottes pants, crop top and heels that is my choice. To make my look more interesting I added printed bag in different color and big ring for catching the eye during the night. I know some ladies are little bit afraid to wear culottes pants because of its length which is not long enough. Personally, I think this kind of pants anyone can wear, because of its high waist and flyaway style, but the length must be exactly at your ankle.

victoria c

Rooftop terrace Migas Beijing

Photo made by MOOI Studio Beijing

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