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Spotted! How to pull off Polka Dot Print.

You probably will start thinking about grandmother’s wardrobe or your childhood time full of polka dot prints, so you don’t want to look like “old-vintage” or overgrown kid.

I am here to help you decipher the difference and show you how to pull off polka dots without looking like something you don’t want to be. And remember, whether it’s on an oversized button-up, a lace dress, or even as a small design element on a clutch, polka dot can be an ultra-chic twist on a modern look. Moreover, polka dot is one of the favorite prints of Dolce&Gabbana, Chanel and Christian Dior.

So I am going to change your stereotypes about this print and show how to make your look more trendy and cool with polka dot pieces.

Polka-dots prints

My first advise - don’t choose big coin dots if you don’t want to add an extra size. Second - is to choose the right color of this print, better if you do this according to your color type - bright and contrast or smooth and calm.

Polka Dots Print


I like the idea of matching polka dot overcoat with casual city outfit. Nice changes but still classy and trendy.

Polka dots print
Polka-dots print


This print is a perfect choice for any kind of dress. You choose, daylight romantic baby doll with nice boots and jacket or night-out with elegant heels and nice clutch.

Polka-dots print

Polka-dots print


Polka dot vintage dresses are only for the real hardcore fashionistas. Those who feels the spirit of 40's and want to look different and stylish. Otherwise it's a good option for the office look with a casual jacket, bag and shoes.

vintage polka dots print

vintage polka dots print


If you don't like to wear too much print try polka dots blouse. Just be sure that the cut is simple and fabric is light.

Polka-dots print

Polka-dots print

Skirts vs. Pants

I think you can create a very nice city-casual look matching it with shirt or jacket. Remember about the size of polka dot and the color of this print as I mention before.

Polka-dots print

Polka-dots print


You can also start your journey with slowly adding some polka dot accessories. Scarfs, shoes, bags, sunglasses could make your outfit look more special and stylish.

Polka dots

Polka dots

My choice is mixed prints top, polka dots slim-fit pants and Panama hat.

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