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5 top must-have trends fall-winter 2017-18 by VictoriaClaire

September is already here, and you probably start thinking about something new for this autumn and winter. After all published fashion show catwalks it's not a secret anymore what to wear for this season but I want to show you which trends are better to add if you still not sure.

First of all, check your wardrobe again. Maybe you already have something from the previous seasons what you completely forgot about. If the answer still "no" than let's start our journey to the top 5 trends for this season from my side.

1. Denim

It is true that denim is a classic choice and for any basic wardrobe it should be on the list. But for this year designers give you opportunity to go with total-look and still prefer jeans and jackets with short cut.

2. Tall boots

For this year tall boots become more colorful, different shapes and style. Don't be afraid to wear them with the basic wardrobe outfit, long skirts or coats.

3.Colorful fur

Fur should definitely take a part in your wardrobe during this season. Designers go for the colorful prints or some decorations. And forget about classic models its time for the new trends.


Happy to announce that velvet is still in trend for this year. We saw many velvet jackets, tops, skirts and pants during London, Milan and NY Fashion Week, but the bomb of the season is a total velvet suit.

5. Slogan t-shirts

Politics slogan - a trend which is not going to leave fashion catwalks and street style. Make your point and find the right peace to become more loud with your view.

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