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Winter is trendsetters for this season

Winter is almost here. As you can guess this article is going to be about winter overcoats ideas for this year. So let's get exited without any drama and show "what to wear to stay in fashion". We know that trends are truly heading for more comfort, when fashion is retaining its sense of fun, color and glamour. Briefly, this season it's all about celebrating the individuality of style through the multitude of trends waiting to be worn. 

Winter coat

I always recommend to my clients to have one nice classic coat in their basic wardrobe. Winter is not an exception. There is only one detail for that, coat could be any style depends on your preferences. Oversize, classic or more relaxed. My choice is red color coat. 

Sheepskin coat 

We all know that winter without fur is not a winter. Even if I'm talking about not real fur. Long or short, classic or rocky style better choose the right color for your daily street style outfit. 

Puffer coat

Let's forget that myth that there is no perfect fitting and good looking puffer coats. Nowadays designers trying to create a new-look when we can wear down jackets with dresses and hight heels and look gorgeous. Oversize is still an ultra-trend for this kind of warm covered. 

 Colorful fur

In my previous article I was mentioning colorful fur as a new trend for fall/winter 2017-2018. Real, fake or eco-fur just choose at least one bright color to feel warm, fashion and getting more likes from your friends in Instagram.   

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