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How to wear knee-high boots. Fashion tips from Victoria Claire

Well, you have to agree with me that every women should have at least one pair of knee-high boots in her wardrobe. They are simply out of this world sometimes, and generally perfect in their modern but classic nature.

There are many myths going around about short skirts and knee-high boots. I don't want to blame other stylists who think that this combination can't exist in the fashion world. I just think that you can make only one accent in your outfit with it, without bringing too much sexiness to your look. Dress or sweater is also a very good choice, specially for cold weather.

Long skirts with knee-high boots become even more trendy nowadays. There is no need to show how tall they actually are. And this trick makes you feel warm as well.

For those fashionistas who don't have tall legs knee-high boots also can work. Go for only one-color vertical rule or try with the short skirt to show the length of your boots. It is better if the fabric of the boots is suede or other matte material shadow colors. Shiny colors and leather can give too much accent you don't need and make you look shorter and add some extra weight.

For basic wardrobe I would recommend to choose black, grey, brown or beige colors. But for those who want to go deeper into the fashion colorful boots are the best choice. You just need to know the rules about colors matching and be ready to catch a lot of eyes and likes of your outfit.

There is one more thing I would like to share with you. Don't try to combine leather pants with leather knee-high boots, wear with suede boots instead.

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