• Victoria Claire

Full on red. Chinese New Year in Style

Still in the New Year's mood celebration? Well, here’s another chance: February 16 marks the official first day of the Year of the Dog, setting off festivities around the world in honor of the Chinese lunar new year.

And really, what better reason to have a small, chic fete than by ringing in the occasion with a dinner party inspired by the day? From the dress to the decor, a dinner party is the perfect place to incorporate traditional Chinese motifs in subtle ways. Remember that the main color of the outfit should be Red.

Gold shoes or bag goes well with the red dress for the Chinese New Year night.

I still believe that there is some fashionistas who doesn't want to wear red. Chinese traditional dress called "QiPao" as an option can be in different colors. Let's check it out.

I want to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog. If you still not sure about the night of celebrations, you can add some nice 'doggy' prints for 2018. Designers already thought about it and gave a lot of options for us to choose.

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