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How to dress up like a stylish Cosmic Girl?

Glitter and sparkles became instant trend since they were created. Before we always came to consider shopping for them most as a New Year's dress.

With all the runway shows of FW17-18 giving us more choices of glitter, lurex, rhinestones and sequin clothes along with accessories it just gets deeper in your heads.

And then there we got a new app called "KiraKira" with its enhanced filters, there is just no chance to escape this sparkling fever.

Total Look

We used to think that glitter clothes better come together with minimalistic accessories. Nowadays you can go over it by putting different shiny fabrics together in one look. Remember to keep the simplicity in the details and basic forms for this kind of total looks, we still don't want to look like a Christmas tree.

Glitter total look

Glitter total look

Glitter total look

Glitter total look

Sparkling Casual

Even our daily life can become more shiny than before. It's actually very easy. Choose only one piece which is going to be a kind of sparkling spot of your outfit and don't be afraid to mix different styles as well. Let's get inspired from some fashion bloggers with their street style casual glitter looks.

Glitter pants

Glitter shirt

Glitter shoes

Glitter shoes

Crazy Glitter 80's

If we look back in the history of fashion, we can see that the 80's were a glitter boom of that time. Now it feels like we are looking back at that times but through the modern filter. This was the main idea for my last photoshoot when the 80's punk rock meets modern glamour and fashion.

Photo made by MOOI Studio Beijing

Make up made by Frau Romanova

Hair style made by Hair&Beauty Salon Catherine de France

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