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Top 5 Spring Fashion trends'18

Spring is here and we want to know what are the most statement-making looks should be. I am happy to announce that this time a lot of refreshing, light colors and fabrics are going to blow our megapolis life up. So check out what to dress to impress with your street style pic.

Pastel colors

Sugary pink, breathy mint, light blue or refresh lemon are going to be the most inspirational palette for this spring. But the color number one from the most of the runway shows is lavender. It's almost fits everyone, goes well with the office dress code and can stay long time in your wardrobe.


Now rainy days could be more enjoyable and fun for a spring walk. Plastic coats, fancy bags or authentic designed heels are going to be everywhere in the next 12 months. Double plastic bag from Chanel got my special attention during the runway show.

Belt bag

As for the accessories it's going to another level. Welcome bumbags or belt bags. It's small but still can fit a lot of stuff inside, also it can stands head, shoulders or waist above the rest, and it looks very cool. Just find the right size because this bag is going to make you fashion icon no doubt.


Surprisedly fringing came back. Boho-chic is bringing more colors, new shapes and mixing with other styles. Actually fringe accessories look super nice, it goes perfectly well with a casual outfit, evening dress or leather jacket. Fringes create some movements when you walk so it makes you look fresh, stunning and follow city vibes.

X-girl Sunglasses

This year many designers chose sunglasses that are not really for Sun protection but they will give you atomic look. The shape is small, there are sharp corners and come in any color. Hooray! 90's back!

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