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Luxury bags to invest

Many women think that bags and shoes can't be cheap. But sometimes high price doesn't mean "quality" and with time some pieces can be out of fashion. That's why we should be careful in which bag to invest because it's going to stay with you all life long.

Hermès Kelly, Birkin Bag

These pieces still look fresh and lines make your outfit completed, just like in 1930s when it was first created. Best choice for a business woman or those who like to invest in their future. These iconic bags sometimes are hard to get but every year the price is increasing so you always can sell as a proven investment.

Cèline Classic Box, Trapeze, Luggage Tote bag

This brand is creating an icon pieces all the time. They are very practical, kind of "ABC" formula for wardrobe. Perfect color block, graphic bag shape and minimalism in details are always going to be in trend. The color combination gives your daily outfit a stunning accent if you like to keep it simple but interesting.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag, Chanel boy bag

Chanel 2.55 definitely is an ultimate investment bag, designed by Coco Chanel in 1955. Bag's price is increasing every year so there is no better option to invest. Bags come In three different sizes but goes well any time.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, Pochette Metis,

Favourite MM

The Louis Vuitton "Neverfull" is really one of the best choices for those women who likes to keep a lot of stuff with them during the day. Also a very classic shape of Pochette Metis model will stay with you for many years, and LV crossbody for a happy long fashionable life.

These are the most famous classic bags but you always can choose from different brands. Just remember to keep simple design, minimum decorations, nice shape and basic color pallet.

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