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Everything is neon. Get ready for a new trend

Neon is a new black? I think so. According to new fall/winter'18-19 runways shows many designers were showing this epic color. Which means that 80's and the earliest 90's are back.

Many fashionistas still didn't take it seriously before Kim Kardashian's, Blake Lively's and Sarah Paulson's total neon looks. It was beautiful and stunning. So maybe we should pay more attention to this trend and see who we can bring some neon into our regular outfits.

Neon coat

For most brave fashionistas neon coat is a must have for this year. You can still keep the inside in basic palette to keep attention only at the coat. Neon fur for winter is something super cool that definitely will change your attitude during street walk in the day. For me, winner is a Burberry trench coat with neon check, easy to wear, better to mix with other colors which could be neon as well and fresh way of wearing dear old check.

Neon dress

If you are looking for a "dress to impress" choose the neon one. Simple cut and terrific color will make your look so simple and beautiful at the same time.

Neon accessories

Not ready for a neon booming look? Start with accessories. Shoes, bags, scarfs, belts, jewelry, everything can work. Just remember when is enough.

One part is neon

You can go for either skirt or pants, sweater or shirt and mix it with any basic colors. The secret of perfect neon look is to have only one accent in your outfit and keep other pieces in more relaxed tones.

Neon total look

Fresh lemonade mood is going to blow random street looks this autumn. Bright, colorful and hype style of neon will bring you into another level of understanding fashion and trends.

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