• Victoria Claire

Cowboy boots are back

Cowboy boots have always been in and out of fashion, but there are a lot of girls like me who just keep wearing them no matter what. This year almost every designer added them into fall/winter accessories collection to refresh the trend without making it look like too much of country style.

Black & Classic

This model you can keep forever in your wardrobe. It goes well with skinny jeans, light print dresses, basic skirts or shorts, just what you need for casual daily outfit.

White & Bold

White shoes are still in trend but now it's about cowboy boots. To tell the truth I wouldn't spend a lot of money on them, because I don't think they will stay too long in trend. Only for the fast-fashion hunters and instagram post.

Tall & Elegant

Tall boots are perfect for a cold weather and if you're want look stunning and make a loud statement in your total look. Could be different length, color or fabric.

Colorful & Short

Creative shapes and mixture of colors make your cowboy boots look different and bring more attention to your outfit. I would recommend to keep the accent only on the boots and keep other pieces neutral.

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