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How to wear oversize clothes

During last three years we heard a lot about oversize fashion and seen many examples from street looks, magazines or in the stores. So let's talk about ways to make it look nice and gorgeous on you. Some of you can think that this trend looks scary and unfeminine but I am going to ruin this stereotype and give you some tips about how to wear oversized items and look awesome.

Oversized coat

Those who always fell cold during weather changes this can be a good choice to create a multi-layered clothing look. I would recommend long length coat to keep visual silhouette skinny and tall. Also feel free to add one more oversized piece under the coat, it will look harmonic and complete.

Oversized blazer

I think this piece definitely should be added into the list of your basic wardrobe must haves. The time of the skinny shape blazers is gone many years ago. My advice is not to add more oversized items into your look, one blazer is more than enough to look great and stunning.

Oversized sweater

Fall, winter and early spring are the perfect time for warm, cozy and comfortable sweaters specially oversized. It goes well with skinny jeans, long skirts, or classic pants. Some fashionistas like it to be half filled in. If you don't want visually gain weight to your look choose little knitted models and in one color.

Oversized hoodies

Hoodies are more boyfriends and sporty thing, but nowadays fashion gives us the idea to make it look sexy and feminine. For example, by matching with heels, mini skirts and skinny jeans.

Oversized shirt

Every year designers come up with new ideas and creations of oversized shirts. You can easily estimate the simplicity of adding it into your daily outfit, as it goes well with office dress code, special occasions or night out shows up.

Oversized suit

Top trend and best way to show up your oversized outfit. One color total look will make anyone look great. Long lines bring you sexuality and style. You can always belt the jacket or wear it without anything else inside.

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