• Victoria Claire

Accessories spring edition'19

We all love accessories. It's amazing how easily such a small detail can change whole outfit. Especially when you prefer to dress up casually it's more important to add some nice piece for the final touch.


I would recommend big earrings, specially decorated with pearls. Nice metal shape also can give you a big statement to a daily look. Bling bling option is available as well but it's more suitable for a night occasion, like "after work" events. One side of big earring will also look nice with loose hair and give you asymmetrical visual effect filled with individuality and romance.

Hair Clip

Definitely must have for this year, preferably pearl decorated. One, two or more better keep them on one side and don't add anything else to keep your face area clean. Letters or brand names can work perfectly for the night outfit and make you look bold and stunning.


If you feel tired of basic oval and round sunglasses shapes, let me introduce you an angular shape. It looks sharper than ever and going to be the chicest way to dress up your eyes. Feel free to choose the right shape for your face, triangles or rectangles both are fine.

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