• Victoria Claire

Spring colors to wear

Finally winter is over so it's time to check new spring color palette according to Pantone Color Institute. I am sure we all need some wardrobe refreshment and street style ideas of colorful, inspirational and awesome looks for a new season.

Total Beige

Everyone loves beige, specially for this spring it acquires lighter shades so called "soybean" or "sweet corn". Classic camel color is never going to be out of fashion, so stay with it if you prefer warmer beige. Of course total beige outfit will make you look stunning and trendy same as if you like to keep only one piece in this color at one point.

Sweet Lilac

This color gives you kind of romantic and pretty vibe. Pantone goes with warm lilac but you can choose cold tones as well. For me lavender is definitely the fresh and gorgeous color for spring.

Aqua Mint

Any shades of green look fantastic together with flora and fauna of spring. Mix it with other pastel colors, it really can give such a sweet or ladylike touch to your whole outfit. So bring some spearmint into your daily apparel, believe me, it's going to be top color of the season.

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