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Office dress code with style

How far our imagination usually goes when we hear the phrase "office dress code". Probably you start visualizing all this boring, old-school suits, only black or white color palette, which doesn't have any individuality and keep it quite far from the reality and modern understanding of image and style in general. If you don't work in politics or other institutions following a very restrict protocol, then let me show you some ideas of how to look stunning and still following the dress code for office.

Business Formal

The most strict version of the office dress code. You can choose classic pants or skirts suits dark or light colors, tweed dress, blazers, classic heels and bag A4 shape. You can always add some good accessories into your outfit. The length of skirt should be slightly above the knee and forget about wearing platform.

Smart Casual

Modern relaxed business style which always comes together with jacket, heels or flats. Little bit of trends in color palette, fashion styles, flawless fit, interesting print or fabric choices. I find this dress code attractive and suitable for most working space nowadays. You can demonstrate your individuality staying professional with good taste.

City Casual

If you don't have a meeting with your boss or company clients, and most of the time you are in the nice cozy office, this style of clothes is definitely for you. Relaxed shoes or bright colors, soft fabrics or interesting pieces pairing. Free space for creation according office relevance.

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