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How to choose your perfect dress?

Dress is the most beautiful thing that had ever been created for a women to make her look more feminine and gorgeous. But how to choose the right style and see if it really fit or not. I always say that every woman is unique and there is no bad body shape. It is only about the right cut and fabric. So there is no need to divide ourselves into "vegetables" or "geometric figures" like some stylist used to do and just be clear about which parts of your body exactly you would like to emphasize and which to hide.

Slip Dress

Highly recommended for women with graceful upper body part and breast small or medium size. If you don't wanna open your shoulders, simple t-shirt inside or cozy sweater outside will compete this dress and give this look some cool and fresh feeling. Jackets and coats also go well with this dress same as jeans and turtle neck blouses so the choice is yours just go for it with style and creativity.


Skirt of this dress shouldn't be too tight plus in general it can be different styles and fabrics, preferably cotton or jeans, bottom-down or off-shoulders model. Nice option for pregnant women, who don't want to show the belly or highlights their hips. This dress looks beautiful in different prints like floral or stripes, you can use the belt to emphasize the waistline.

Wrap Dress

This dress style is definitely a must-have because it fits any body shape, V-neck gives you visually longer neck and fine lines in breast area. Also this magic cut makes your shoulders look smaller and waistline thinner. I would recommend to be careful with prints, if you don't belong to miniature-shaped girls than choose very small-detailed prints.


This is just that kind of universal item everyone should have in their wardrobe. Super easy going with jeans, sweaters, even extra skirts or diversity belts. Fits better with loose silhouette and thick fabric. Pockets can put some extra volume so it's up to you to keep them or not.

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