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Silk Scarves ideas to refresh your summer outfit

This trend isn't new but this year it reached new level in styling. I am sure everyone has a nice silk neck scarf somewhere hiding in your wardrobe. So you can always refresh your daily look with this bright printed accessory. Let's check some ingenious ideas to get inspired for a summer fashion street style.

Hair Accessory

You can wear it like a hairband, headband or head wrap, instead of hairpin or thread it inside the hair braids. I would recommend to keep the accent only at this accessory so your total look doesn't get too much of boho style.

Bag accessory

Bright colorful silk scarf will bring new life to your bag. First, your bag should be modern enough, otherwise it will not look fresh and trendy. You can make it as a decoration instead of key chain or wrap a scarf around the straps.

Belt, wrist or ankle accessory

To look more chic use your scarf as a belt around your waist. Also you can fix it on your jeans tied around one belt loop to bright up your whole outfit. Scarf on your wrist will bring boho style into your outfit. Don't forget to pair it with your favourite hand watch and nice bracelets. Love the idea of using the scarf as an ankle accessory, very summery and goes well with the 7/8 length jeans.

Tie, chocker or belted scarf accessory

For relaxed look, roll your silk scarf around the neck with loose ends to make it look like a tie. It goes well with black and white outfit and just so perfect for a city casual outfit. Choker is another good idea for those who want to add little boldness into the image. For those who want to create a minimal and clean look, I suggest going for a solid color scarf or color-blocking design. To look stylish and unusual use long scarf to roll it around the neck and hold it behind the belt on your waist. Some people might think you are wearing a blouse, light west or that it's a part of your dress.

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