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Met Gala, fashion biggest 'night out'

The biggest famous night in fashion of the year we are all waiting for. The Met Gala, officially called the Costume Institute Gala is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in NYC.

It marks the opening of the Costume Institute's annual fashion exhibit.

History of Met Gala

In fact, 1948 was a significant year for the whole fashion industry. First time for New York Fashion Week and that's the year when the costume institute at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded. Eleanor Lambert is officially a Godmother of New York fashion.

Eleanor knew everything about fashion, she started her career from representing interests of America's most successful artists. Heading PR department in the Museum of American Art, launching New York Fashion Week, establishing the Council American designers, she also took control of the Costume Institute.

To solve the financial part for preparing the fashion exhibition, Eleanor decided to arrange annual dinners for socialites ladies by selling invitation cards for $50. Today the price for entrance ticket starts from $3.000.

In 1972, Diana Vreeland joined the team as a brand consultant of the Costume Institute. It turned everything to new level of Gala dinners. First collaborations with young but giving a big hope fashion designers started, not everyone like it, but new time was asking for changes. Diana was the one who created a dress code for the guests during the exhibition. She also used her connections in fashion world so the Gala became something you "have to visit".

After Anna Wintour took a turn over of the Met Gala, it became a world famous fashion event everyone is talking about. For last 23 years, it became an "Oscar" in fashion industry. Only celebrities, first-rate Hollywood stars are allowed to participate the Met Gala dinner. Ticket Prices go crazy hight from $30,000 to $250,000 per table. Every single guest should be approved by Anna Wintour and Vogue team is working on every outfit and helping with style.

Every year the first Monday in May is time when all celebrities get together with fashion to create something extraordinary to make this event more remarkable and extravagant that people will talk about the whole year after till the next one will come.

Let's get inspired from the previous Met Galla red carpets outfits to explore our mind with creativity and diversity.

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