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How to look stylish at home

What do you think can be "stylish" home clothes and be comfortable, soft and casual at the same time. So let's talk about it. Of course, I am not going to mention old t-shirts that for sure everyone have in their closets. Even when we are home based we can't use clothes that don't belong to this type of activity. So let's see what we can call "gorgeous and cozy" for your homie time routines.


Try to get a nice knitwear long shirt or sweater so you can wear it together with soft and tight leggings or maybe you prefer relax and sporty knitwear suit pants. Choose pastel colors, avoid flower prints and go for less details.


Long t-shirt can be like a short dress, relaxed and sexy. It also can be a long sweater or comfortable boyfriend shirt. Perfect match with relaxed hairstyle, no make up and warm socks.


Or if you still like to keep yourself more special, but casual, wear your favorite and maximum comfy jeans with a nice silk top, cotton t-shirt or gorgeous knit sweater.


I prefer natural silk ensemble, but if you can find a good quality cotton or knitwear solution it can stay in your life for many years. I like the short version of pajamas now, look sexy and fresh.

Shoes vs. Socks

Fluffy and warm nice pair of home slippers will complete your homie outfit. For the socks lovers home is a perfect place to get comfortable plus in cold weather you can wear amazing knee high socks and feel great and warm. It will look very stylish and different during your home-stay.

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