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Spring trends to refresh your wardrobe in 2020

Well, well... the spring is here and everyone needs a fresh start to look beautiful and stunning. Actually nowadays following sustainable fashion trend, about 5% of new items is more than enough to have new looks in your wardrobe. So let’s see what we can get to look nice and pretty for this season.

Floral Dress

Romantic and feminine with little flower prints will bring some simplicity and elegance in one image.

Puff Sleeves

Dress or blouse look so feminine and stunning. I like it more with deep neckline. Oversize dress looks trendy and stylish.

Silk dress

Silk dress is very elegant and dramatic at the same time. Delicate lines and gentle fabric will bring softness and sexiness into your image. It perfectly goes together with knit sweater or oversize jacket. Pearl and beige are the most trending colors for this year.

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